Garden Club

Welcome gardeners!

The Charleswood Garden Club aims to further the knowledge, enjoyment and appreciation of our plant world, thus enriching not only our own lives, but those around us. No two gardens are ever the same and enjoying that diversity is part of what we are about.

Members generously share information, ideas, talents, seeds, etc. for the betterment of our community. Some members also donate their time to help beautify our community by maintaining some of the public places in Charleswood.

If you have a passion for gardening, or you are just getting started, you have come to the right place.

Attend a meeting to hear what we are all about. Membership can be picked up at our meetings and is just $10 a year for the following benefits:

Hear interesting speakers on garden-related topics

Once a month during the winter we have a speaker talking on a topic of interest to our members. Our meetings are free to the public and are held the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Details of upcoming events are found at events page.

Giant spring auction sale of perennials and annuals

Much of the plant stock available for sale is donated by the members. You may find items not readily available at the nurseries and you are sure to get it at a reasonable price. Details of this year's sale are on our events page.

Discounts at many garden centres

Just show your membership card and many of the garden centres give 10% or 15% off. That could pay for your membership.

Rental of garden plots

If you would like to have a garden but don't have a suitable space we maintain a large piece of land that is available for our members to rent. Details are found at Garden Rental.

Family pot luck supper

We kick off our first meeting in the fall with a family pot luck supper. With so much fresh garden produce that time of year it is always a delicious meal with many choices.

Fall Gardeners' Market

Members bring their surplus bounty to our fall sale. They also donate perennials that they have divided and home baking. This is a great place to pick up some fresh, locally grown produce and homemade baking or add to your perennial border with some hardy plants.

Photo Contest

This is for those who like to capture the beauty of our natural world. The contest is sponsored by the Manitoba Horticultural Association details of categories are found here.

Past activities that we have been involved with:

Children's gardens

Gardening related information was distributed through the elementary schools encouraging children to grow a garden and display items at the annual Fair.

Charleswood Centennial Open Gardens

This was a free one day event for members and the public to peek into the yards of some of the gardening residents in Charleswood. Check out our gallery to see some of the beautiful pictures that were taken that day.

Photos of Tablescapes

Our members designed and provided small centrepieces for the 2011 and 2015 Manitoba Horticultural Association annual conventions. The 2011 theme was Birds, Butterflies and Blooms. The theme for 2015 was Rock around the Garden and you can see pictures of that in our gallery. Check out our club's tables in the gallery.

Rain Gardens: Purpose and Creation

April 11, 2018

Dr. Dorthea Gregoire, Roseau Watershed Technician for Seine-Rat River Conservation District, will present Rain Gardens: Purpose and Creation.

Garden Plot Rental

If you are interested in renting a garden plot, click on Garden Rental Plots or contact Sophia at

Garden Tip

The window of time for starting tomato seeds indoors is between the last week of March and mid-April.

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