Garden Club

Contact Information

If you would like to have additional information about the CGC and our activities, please send us an email at

President: Sophia Munro

Vice President: Noreen Kolesar

Past President: John Rempel

Treasurer: Evelyn Elias

Secretary: Josie Blixt

Membership: Noreen Kolesar

Directors: Terry Boettcher, Minnie Chaikoski, Helen Dyck, Elaine Hansen, Anne Peterson, Pat Roberts, Herb Wildeman, Ester Woloschuk, Kim Woloschuk

Bats and Cutworms

March 14, 2018

Linda Wall, educated at Lakehead University in the Forestry Program, Board Director MHA Area 6 and member of the St. James Horticultural Society, presents Bats and Cutworms: What They Have in Common.

Garden Plot Rental

Plot registration deadline for current gardeners is March 20. Folks on waiting list will be notified shortly thereafter. Questions? Check: Garden Rental Plots or contact Sophia at

Garden Tip

How deep can you plant your tomato and pepper seedlings when transplanting? Completely bury them up to their first true leaves and they should generate additional roots quite quickly.

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